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Héctor Avila

 Héctor Ávila was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His art curiosity and ability started since he was very young. Nevertheless, it isn’t until the beginning of his university life that he notices the inevitable interest for the world of colors, textures and outlines. This leads him to complete a BA in Graphic Arts and another in Music. And recently a PhD in Arts in the University of Seville, Spain.

        The path of this Puerto Rican artist has been very varied and unique. His distinguished and exquisite palette has been demonstrated by his works in oil, water-color, acrylic and pastel. He also stands out with his portraits, caricatures and murals. But his passion for the art goes beyond creating outlines, because he teaches kids to develop their creativeness in art classes. His inspirations comes mainly from: animals, nature’s details and music. Nowadays he is living in Miami Beach, Florida, increasing his knowledge in Fine Arts. Besides, Hector is the owner of HA Designs & Concepts where he works with graphic designs.

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